I recently found out someone I used to work with is chatting up A2. They went to the same high school. I don’t know how well they knew each other back then, but I do know they knew each other.  I feel like I need to somehow bring it up to her to be careful.  But how? What do I say?  Am I overstepping my boundaries?  I don’t know how close they are.  What I do knew is that he won’t have any problem using her as his ticket back to Florida.  

I’m sure she believes every story about him being disabled and having a hard life. She might even belive the things he says about me. That I kept him from seeing our son or that I was controlling.  Neither of which are true.  Abusers sometimes like to turn the tables and blame the victim.  

A2 always plays the victim. He does it so well.  He even had me convinced when we first started dating that his ex was this horrible person that treated him like crap.  I actually started feeling bad for his ex during our relationship.  I think back about his stories about her and realize he said the same things about me.  She must have been just as sick of his shit as I was.  When we first started dating he’d tell be about the times she refused to take him to the hospital.  When I realized he’s the kind of person who goes to the hospital when he has gas, I realized what I was dealing with.  

So, what to do. How do I tell this girl he’s the absolute worst.  I’d feel horrible if he bamboozled her too. 


2 thoughts on “What To Do

  1. Tell her. She’ll either believe you or not, but it’s better to act rather than stay silent. It might also give her the opportunity to see through his facade. I think society has wrongly taught us to step aside and let things happen when we really should always be looking out for one another and not caring about what people say. It’s entirely possible that she will not believe you and even be angry with you. It’s all worth it in the end.

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  2. How well do you know her? Do you guys still talk? You could send her a message something like, “I’m fairly sure A2 has said I was awful to him, but if you ever want to hear the other side of the story, just ask. And please be careful.” Unless you are pretty good friend with her, anything more than that would be intrusive.

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