If you read yesterday’s entry you know I was struggling with whether or not to warn an acquaintance who has been talking to my ex. Well, I warned her.  I sent her a message on Facebook. She read it and ignored it. I gave her a good 12 hours after she saw it to respond, and she never did. So, I blocked her.  

Why block her?  Because if she didn’t bother responding it most likely means he’s already got her in his trap. Anything on my Facebook can be relayed to him via her. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was already feeding him info.  Why does that matter you ask?  Because I have him blocked for a reason. Because my current life is none of his business.  There are plenty of reasons and honestly I don’t need any of them.  

At any rate, that’s what happened.  Maybe she’ll end up where I am and remember what I said. After he’s tossed her aside because he got what he wanted.  Or she’ll actually end up with him and she’ll realize it’s a truly fucked up situation. I hope neither happen, but I wish her the best.  


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