Melania, I see the pictures and videos. It’s hard not to now that you’re the First Lady. I see the way your husband treats you, like a trophy who means nothing. I see the upset in your eyes, the fake smile to please your husband, the empty look on your face when his eyes turn away. Melania, I want you to know that I’ve been there. I can spot the signs a million miles away. I see your husband leave you to get out of the car by yourself and I can see the sad look on your face when he does it.

I remember watching as Trump asked Melania to say a few words. You can see the video here: She shakes her head no. She doesn’t want to speak, but he tells her to. She doesn’t say no again she just goes. It’s because she knows. She knows that if she refuses there will be hell to pay. Just watching Melania you can see she isn’t happy.

During the first dance you can see Melania keeping her distance. She’s pulling away, it’s subtle, but it’s there. She’s uncomfortable, she doesn’t want to be there.

If Trump didn’t have a track record of womanizing and abuse it would be easy to chalk it up to their marriage simply being stagnant and near the end of its rope. But, there is proof, out of Trump’s own mouth, of prior abuse in his previous marriages. I know I’ve linked to the Vanity Fair article from 1990 before, but it bears repeating here. In 1990 Trump told Vanity Fair “I would never buy Ivana any decent jewels or pictures. Why give her negotiable assets?” (source: Another excerpt from the article ““Why don’t we walk down Fifth Avenue together for the photographers and pretend that this entire scandal has been a publicity stunt? We could say that we wanted to see who would side with you and who would side with me.” As the press became more sympathetic to Ivana, Donald would scream at his lawyers, “This is bullshit!”” This shows Trump was all gung ho about the the divorce until he saw the press and people sympathized with Ivana, then he wanted to pretend it didn’t happen. And let’s not forget that Harry Hurt III wrote in his book “Lost Tycoon: The Many Lives of Donald J. Trump” that Ivana testified under oath that her husband was angry at her one night and held her arms back while pulling out fistfuls of her hair before raping her. ( Trump’s lawyer even went as far as to say “You can’t rape your spouse.” Disgusting.

And then there was Marla Maples. When Trump toyed with the idea of running for president back in 199, Marla felt the need to speak up. She wanted to scream to the world how horrible he was to her. Trump responded by trying to withhold her $1.5 million in alimony. (source: Luckily for Marla, the judge said no way, but that didn’t stop Trump’s lawyers from pulling one of Trump’s patented moves of “we weren’t REALLY gonna do it. Just wanted to SCARE her.” No, what you wanted was to shut her up. If you were a great husband, you wouldn’t feel the need to silence your ex-wife. Speaking of “great” husbands, Trump told Marla he was divorcing her by telling the New York Post first. When the Post printed the story, he put the issue down in front of Marla with the headline showing “Donald is Divorcing Marla.” (source: If you notice in the USA Today link I posted above, Marla’s lawyer actually made sure to point out that Marla left him.

It may be difficult to spot to someone who’s never seen it. But, when you’ve lived it you can spot the red flags from a mile away. I feel horrible for Melania. I want to hug her and tell her that she’ll be ok and that she’ll come out of this ok. I want to let her know that I can see it and she’s not alone. I see so many pieces f my life in her.


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