Milo Yiannopoulos, where to start? If you’ve been following political news lately, Milo officially resigned from Breitbart News this morning (2/21/17) following outrage over comments he made defending pedophilia. In one of the videos, which you can watch HERE, he actually tries to redefine pedophilia. He says it’s only pedophilia is the 13 year old isn’t sexually mature. Gross.

I want to begin by first explaining that I have been watching Milo for quite some time. Maybe not as long as some have, but for a few years now. He became a blip on my radar during Gamergate. At first, he really pissed me off. But, as I looked into who he was and read his writings, I realized something. Milo is a Shock Jock of social media. In other words, Milo is nothing more than a contrarian troll. He says what he knows will rile people up because it garners him attention. But why?

Milo is starved for attention. Reading through a lot of the things he’s written over the years you can see the constant flip flop and lies that he’s written. For starters, his real name is Milo Hanrahan. He changed his name because he hates his parents. He likes to tell people he’s against the Nazi Alt-Right because he’s Jewish. But, he’s not Jewish! Nope, he’s a Catholic. He’s even admitted to it. He only claims the Jewish bits when it suits his needs.

There is some truth to the things Milo says. Some things he has never wavered from. Between the ages of 13 and 16 Milo was sexually abused. Although as you can see in the video I posted above, he refused to admit it was abuse. The good news is that as of his statement today, which you can watch HERE, he seems to finally be coming to terms with this.

I truly believe that Milo’s attention seeking behavior stems from his abusive past. His parents both abandoned him, his dad leaving when he was 6 and his mom disowning him when he came out as gay. It is very common for abusers to see this vulnerability and prey on it. This is shown with his talks of being molested by his priest, Father Michael. Abusers have a knack for pinpointing the vulnerable. When Milo talks about his sexual abuse he acts like they are no more than normal teenage behavior. In the first video he even goes as far as saying he himself was the predator. While that very well may be true as there are many cases of attention seekers turning to sex for the ultimate attention, it doesn’t mean it’s not rape. The adults in these situations still need to be held accountable for taking advantage of children. The adults in these situations are supposed to say no. The proper thing in these types of cases would be for the adult to recognize the behavior and actually get the child help.

So now that we understand WHY Milo is the way he is, we have to ask if that’s ok. As an abuse victim myself I truly empathize with Milo. I can tell that he is truly struggling to deal with his inner demons. He has repressed his abuse for so long that it’s eaten away at him. I know how this works, I’ve been there. I denied my own abuse from A1 for quite some time. In fact, it wasn’t until last year, 11 years after the fact, that I finally admitted to myself that A1 did in fact rape me.However, Milo’s abuse doesn’t excuse his behavior, it only gives an explanation for it. All we can do is hope that Milo will learn from this mess and get the proper help that he needs. Sadly, for Milo anyway, the damage is already done and he may not be able to recoup from this mess. What I hope is that during his journey he finally finds the peace he needs to not care if he’s ever popular again. I may not be a fan of Milo, but I truly am routing for him. Not to continue being an asshole, but to finally start his journey to living after surviving.


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