This, and the next 12 (possibly 13) posts that follow will contain spoilers for the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why. If you haven’t watched the show and don’t want it spoiled, this is your warning. I will put a small spoiler warning on the other posts, but they are going to be smaller.


There is no time like the present, so I went ahead and started. I feel like the first episode sets a good tone. I feel like if I hadn’t known beforehand what the show was about, that this episode definitely made sure I had an idea of what I would be in for.

The good news is, this episode is tame. The bad news is, it’s a reality that many teenagers face in the age of camera phones and social media. In a way, I feel bad for Justin. No, of course he shouldn’t have shown his friends the pictures, but I also feel like he never would have shared them with everyone on his own. He probably never would have shared them at all if his friend hadn’t hounded him for details of what happened. Yet, he still didn’t stop them. It also doesn’t seem like he bothered to set the record straight either. On the other hand, it’s completely possible that he had every intention of misconstruing the photos and that’s why he wanted pictures of Hannah going down the slide. From what I can gather there is a lawsuit pending that involves Justin. I can’t help but wonder if he’s more than one reason.

Clay, oh Clay. I’m sure he’ll be the last tape. I’m sure I’ll have to wait until the very end to understand his role in everything. Tony doesn’t seem to completely hate him, so that’s a plus. I’ve decided Tony is the trusted friend, the one who will make sure those who listen to the tapes follow the rules. My biggest question about Tony is whether or not he’s listened to the tapes. Tony obviously knew that Clay was next (or possibly first) to receive the tapes. He drove him home from school so Clay would see the tape player.

If this episode taught me anything it’s that I need to be super diligent about making sure my own 16 year old daughter knows shit like this can happen. She’s a pretty smart kid, and she’s pretty aware. But, when you get caught up in the heat of the moment sometimes your emotions cloud your judgement. Lucky for me, she’s watching this too (she’s actually further along than I am) so that will help with the lesson.

Now, on to side B.


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