SPOILER WARNING. If you haven’t watch 13 Reasons Why Episode 2, and don’t want spoilers, this is your final warning to turn back.


Clay, oh Clay. He wants all the answers without listening to the tapes. While I can understand why, I mean hearing Hannah’s voice has to be hard, I would think he would want the story straight from Hannah’s mouth. Clay looks everywhere for Justin and Jessica, and even finds Jessica. When Clay finds Jessica in the coffee shop something happens. She tells him things he hears on the tapes aren’t all true. At first I thought it must be something that Jessica just doesn’t want known. Then Jessica says something that caused me to really stop and think. She claims that Hannah was actually the one who stopped coming to the coffee shop first. There’s only two explanations for this. Either Hannah was lying or Jessica is lying, but why.

If Hannah is lying then it’s possible she’s remembering wrong. But that’s something pretty big to remember incorrectly. It’s also possible that she’s lying just to get back at Jessica and Alex. The only account we really have to go by about Hannah is Hannah herself. No one else actually talks about her much and what kind of person she was. We just have to assume that she’s a good person because this is her story.

If Jessica is lying then it’s most likely to make Clay question who Hannah really was and possibly question things Jessica knows Hannah says later on the tapes. Most likely whatever it is that Justin has done.

So what has Justin done? By the end of the episode it’s apparent that he’s been accused of something. Jessica asks him why he’s hiding out if he’s not guilty. Justin knows that Clay has the tapes now. Seeing as how he left school and hasn’t been back, he’s most likely worried Clay will turn the tapes in when he’s done with them. If I had to guess, being how shaken everyone is and how worried Jessica is, I’d say Justin rapes Hannah. We know from tape one that we haven’t heard the last about Justin on the tapes.

It’s also becoming more apparent that Clay actually cared about Hannah. When Tony finds him in the coffee shop he tells Clay that he’s taking longer to get through the tapes than the others. Clay says it’s hard hearing her voice. He says he can’t not see her when he hears it. It seems as though the others simply zipped through them to see what was said about them.

Then there is Tony. Something feels off about him and I’m not sure what.


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