SPOILERS! If you haven’t watched 13 Reasons Why episode 3, and you don’t want spoilers, this is your warning.




I’d like to know why all of these high school kids have tattoos. Seriously, what’s up with that. And, no, they aren’t all real. They were added in on the characters that have them and covered up on the actors who have them in real life.

Anyway, Tony still confuses me. I don’t think Alex is way off base when he says Tony is in it for Tony. I think Alex genuinely feels bad about his tape. I really don’t think he ever meant to hurt Hannah and I don’t think he realized his addition to the list was anything more than a way to piss off Jessica. The problem with high school is that teenagers attend. Teenagers think with their emotions and not always with their brains. It can cause a shit ton of unintentional chaos. It’s easy to tell someone not to be a dick, but not everyone realizes they’re being dicks. Not to mention, when you are that young and the world seems to revolve around you, someone could tell you straight up that what you did was a dick move and you still wouldn’t get it.  I really don’t think Alex realized how badly he hurt Hannah until he heard the tapes. It’s why I wonder if Alex really feels like Tony is only out for Tony or if that’s just an idea that Justin & Co planted in his head.

And since we’re on the subject of Tony, what’s the deal with Fight Club at the end there? It just makes me feel like I was right to not trust Tony. I really feel like something is up with that guy.

We also learn more about Justin’s back story. I know he’s supposed to be an antagonist, but I honestly can’t help but feel bad for him. His home life is not ideal. No question that he’s been abused, most likely from one of the guys his mom has dated. It can’t help that his best friend comes from the exact opposite family dynamic, rich and seemingly well put together. That’s gotta be rough. Granted, it absolutely doesn’t excuse his behavior, but it does give us major insight into what makes Justin tick.

Meanwhile, Clay is taking forever to listen to his tapes. We learn that Alex listened to them the first time in one night. Yes, the first time. Alex listened twice. Based on the way Alex seems to be handling things I think it really hit him hard finding out he played a part in hurting Hannah so much. I still don’t understand why Alex and Jessica didn’t just tell Hannah they were dating.

Speaking of dating, I’m shipping Hannah/Clay pretty hard. I mean, I know it doesn’t happen, but you can tell how much Clay likes Hannah. The poor kid is so socially awkward though he’s worried about saying the wrong thing. Hannah seems to be digging him too, but she doesn’t say anything either. I seriously hope the she doesn’t blame Clay for not asking her out. She easily could have made the first move herself.  She certainly had no problem letting Justin know she liked him.

All in all this episode just gave me more questions. Hopefully I get some answers soon.


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