SPOILERS WARNING!! If you haven’t watched 13 Reason’s Why Episode 5, and don’t want spoilers, this is your warning.




First, I want to touch on something from a past episode. Something that really bothered me was the school’s attempt at pretending they care. The lame ass signs of depression are just that, lame. Depression is different everyone. They are giving people signs as though they are written in stone, and they aren’t. There are a TON of what I call high functioning people with depression. I’m one of them. If I didn’t tell you I battle depression you probably wouldn’t know. I’m not withdrawn, I eat, and I do most of the things I a “normal” adult should do. My kid is the same way. She does her homework, gets good grades, eats, has friends, and for fucks sake she’s in band and loves it. She still suffers from anxiety and depression. I know this because I have an open relationship with my kid. She knows she can come to me with anything and that mom is always a 100% judgement free zone. Does she come to me with everything? No, of course not. She’s a human being and human beings, especially teenage ones, need their secrets. I think that the most important part of being a parent is remembering that your child is also a person. I know that sounds like an obvious, but I don’t just mean a person in the biological sense. I mean their own person, an individual, a human being, a mini adult! Wait, what? Mini adult? Yep, teenagers are mini adults. They are learning how to be adults and how the world works. They are going to be assholes because they don’t realize the consequences. They are going to keep important things a secret because they don’t know they are important. Yet, at the same time, they share our feelings, our sense of accomplishments, our pain, our love, and even our intelligence. It’s important to treat them as though you would treat another adult. That doesn’t mean you don’t also treat them like your child. You still need to set boundaries and put rules in place, but don’t you set boundaries with other adults as well? They just happen to be a different set of boundaries because you’re not teaching other adults how to be adults.

Courtney. Courtney is a great example of a teenager being an asshole because she doesn’t realize the consequences of her actions. She just wanted the target off her back so she put it on Hannah’s. She wasn’t trying to be awful, just save her own skin. It doesn’t mean she was right. She’ll absolutely have to live with the consequences of her actions. What truly bothers me about Courtney though is that she’s so worried about being outed that she’s willing to hide all the awful stuff the others did just to save her own skin. I can understand why Justin & Co wouldn’t want the tapes to get out. Aside from Alex, who is really just so upset by everything I think he’s just going along for the ride, they actually have something to hide. Well, except for Jessica, but Justin seems to have her convinced that whatever happened never happened and that Hannah is lying.

I just had a thought. Is Alex truly that innocent? We haven’t heard all the tapes yet. We know Justin will make another appearance because Hannah tells us. Will Alex? Was Alex involved in whatever happened at Jessica’s party? It leads me to wonder how many people were actually involved. I can’t think anyone but Hannah and her attacker (I’m assuming the party is Hannah’s breaking point and I’m assuming she gets raped) would actually be involved. I have 2 theories about who attacks Hannah. My first thought is Bryce. Everyone is super paranoid that Bryce is gonna get the tapes. He’s obviously on the list to get them. So I think either Bryce is the attacker or Bryce helped Justin cover things up. Either way, things are getting crazy.

Tony is starting to grow on me a bit more though. I still can’t completely figure him out though. But, he does seem like he is genuinely trying to help Clay.


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