SPOILER WARNING This is your friendly warning that if you haven’t watched 13 Reasons Why episode 7, and you don’t want to read any spoilers, then this is not the post you are looking for.



Fast forward to the end! As I saw Tony standing there with everyone else I can’t help but wonder if I was right to be skeptical! Maybe this was his plan all along to get Clay to give him the tapes!

Ok, now on to Zach. I think Hannah is right about Zach. I think he understands her and I think he’s lonely and possibly even depressed as well. I think that’s why he liked her. The problem with Zach is, as Kat said, he isn’t that bright. What I don’t think Hannah got right was him being mad about being rejected. It seems like Zach was more upset that he upset Hannah and didn’t know why or how to fix it. I also think Zach was just scared and not sure what to do. On one hand, he knew what was written on the napkin was Hannah’s. She made sure of that by quoting her note to Zach on it. The lesson here is that Zach should have spoken up. Maybe not in front of the whole class, but at the very least after class to the teacher. The trouble with high school, and even outside of high school, is that you never know how someone is going to react in a situation like that. However, when you get to a certain point in life you realize that sometimes you have to risk someone being angry with you if it means you helping them in the long run.

Pull up a carpet square kids, it’s about to get personal in here. If you remember, I have a 16 year old daughter. She has a friend that she’s known since Kindergarten. When they were still in middle school my daughter spent the night at her house. The next day my daughter told me her friend was cutting again. See, somehow I managed to raise a kid who is wise beyond her years. She knew damn well her friend would be pissed off at her for telling me. She knew her friend showed her the marks in confidence and that confidence was being broken the minute she decided to speak up. She also knew I was going to say something to her friend’s mom. But see kids, her friend was in danger and that friend means a lot to her. In my daughter’s mind it was better to have her friend get upset and risk actually losing that friend if it meant getting her the help she needed, because when you truly care about someone it means that you put them first. The good news is this story has a happy ending. Her friend did get the help she needed and they are still friends. Yes, her friend was mad for a while. She got over it and realized my daughter was just being a good friend. Sometimes in life you have to stop being selfish and just do the right thing.

Ok, back to Zach’s tape. Zach’s reason for being on the tapes isn’t bad. Not all reasons are bad. The point of Zach’s tape is to show that what he did effected Hannah. What happened in the cafeteria most likely wouldn’t have caused as much damage to someone else. The problem is, Hannah has a lot on her plate. People who suffer from depression tend to be more irritable and can be more emotional. With all the issues Hannah had with the other basketball players it’s easy to understand why she was so reserved talking to Zach. She most likely didn’t feel like he was coming from a genuine place, even though from our perspective it does.

I think this was a good way to show how different things can influence different reactions in people. I don’t think Zach was wrong. I just think he was misguided.


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