SPOILER WARNING! If you haven’t watched episode 8 of 13 Reasons Why, and your are anti-spoiler, then this is your warning to stop reading this entry.



Tony isn’t horrible, he’s just upset. I can’t imagine seeing my friend in a body bag and just tossed into an ambulance like it’s no big deal. I’m gonna be honest, for a minute there I thought Tony’s whole plan was to make Clay fall. I’m glad we found out what’s really troubling Tony though. We also find out how obliviously Clay is to his surroundings. Seriously, not knowing Tony is gay? No wonder Clay never picked up on any of Hannah’s signs.

The main theme of this tape was Hannah’s poem. She bares her soul and it ends up published for the whole school to read. Granted, it gets published anonymously, but that doesn’t make her less paranoid when she hears people chuckling at it. The thing about the poem being published isn’t just that it got published. Ryan had given Hannah a peace offering. He truly understood her poetry and where she was coming from. Ryan had the opportunity to be an amazing friend and instead he published Hannah’s poem without her permission. Actually, against her wishes as she had asked him not to. Whether or not he really did feel like he was helping her or doing her a favor, he betrayed her trust. That seems to be a running theme in Hannah’s life. She can’t seem to find one person who she can explicitly trust, and that is super important not only when you’re a teenager but in life.

I know what you’re thinking, she can trust Clay. But, can she? He says he wouldn’t want to be friends with the person who wrote the poem. He didn’t realize that he’s already friends with her. Clay has a habit of not really thinking before he speaks. It’s just another example of how oblivious Clay is to the world around him. In Clay’s defense, you can’t really fault him for not knowing. Hannah could have told him, but she was already feeling vulnerable. I’m sure Clay would have apologized and he might have even asked if she was ok. But when life is already piling shit on you explaining yourself to people gets old. By now we can see just how tired Hannah is.

In the present we see Jessica and Justin are having relationship issues. Hannah is really weighing on Justin. I also think Jess is really starting to think that whatever Hannah said was actually the truth. Alex admitting that everything Hannah said about him was true really made her stop and think. I feel bad for Jess. I think she’s had it rough too. And now, after losing Hannah, she’s drinking and getting high all the time. She’s not coping very well at all. She needs help, to talk to someone. But Justin has her so afraid of the tapes coming out that she’s afraid to seek the help she needs. She’s spiraling fast. To be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if she tried to join Hannah.

So what’s next, where do we go from here. Clay is finally ready to finish the tapes. He had a good heart to heart with Tony. I have a feeling Clay is about to hear a whole new world of horrible. I only hope that he can handle it because I have a feeling it’s gonna be a rough ride.

And now, on to episode 9. It’s already queued up on Netflix. I see there’s a trigger warning. *deep breath* Ok, let’s do this.


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