SPOILER WARNING This is your friendly neighborhood spoiler warning. If you haven’t seen 13 Reasons Why episode 10, and you don’t like having things spoiled for you, then I highly suggest you don’t read this entry. For the rest of you, please put your tray tables up and move your seat back to the upright position as we prepare for take off. Enjoy your flight!


STOP! Or don’t because maybe the sign is missing. Jeff didn’t see the stop sign because it wasn’t there. Sheri’s secret may not feel like a huge secret to many. She made a mistake and in turn her mistake cost someone their life. But this episode is literally a metaphor for the entire story. Everyone looks for signs after Hannah’s death. No one bothered to stop and see the signs before it was too late. Looking back you see them. Laying there on the ground like Sheri’s stop sign. Just waiting to be picked up so something this tragic doesn’t happen again. The signs were there, but people didn’t see them because they weren’t staring them in the face in big white letters on a bright red background.

That’s the thing about signs. You don’t always see them. Sometimes you don’t even see them when they are right out in the open. That’s because not all signs are the same. I often get asked how I ended up in a 2nd abusive relationship. Didn’t I see the warning signs? The big red flags that should have tipped me off that A2 was abusive? The answer is simply, no. No I didn’t see the signs because the signs weren’t the same. Signs come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. Some are big and bright, and others you could look at every day and not even notice.

This ties in with the meeting the school did on depression awareness and suicide prevention. The school gave a list of signs and things to watch for. That list is bull shit. Not because it’s false, but because it’s incomplete. Not all signs are big and red. Some signs are laying on the ground hoping someone sees them before they cause an accident.

Hannah wanted to call someone about the sign. Just likes she wants to scream to the world that she’s hurting. But she couldn’t. Her phone was dead and Sheri drove off.

Hannah’s sign is down and she has no one around to help her pick it back up.


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