SPOILER WARNING and all that jazz. If you haven’t seen 13 Reasons Why episode 12, and you don’t to read any spoilers, well hopefully by now you know the drill. TURN BACK NOW!


Look, another trigger warning. Great, ok, well here we go then I guess.

Ok, so the crux of this episode is Hannah’s rape. I had a feeling it was going to happen. I had to stop and compose myself after I watched it. Watching her fight and then just stop. Knowing that fighting would only make it worse. That she couldn’t fight back anymore. Hannah had officially bent so far that she broke.

But this story has become more than Hannah’s story. Jessica dumped her booze. She’s gonna fight back. And Justin. I mean, Hannah’s was raped and that’s 100% horrible. But I just wanted to reach through my screen and hug Justin. When he was trying to explain to Jessica about Bryce being there for him, he didn’t just mean money. Seeing someone who has helped you through so much of your life, through the hardest part of your life, end up being the absolute worst kind of person. But I don’t think Jess was wrong. Bryce cares about Bryce. Bryce giving things to Justin, to help him, wasn’t about Justin. It was about making Bryce look good. Oh, look at Bryce. He’e captain of the basketball team. He’s not selfish, look how he helped Justin. Yeah, it all just makes him look good. It hides the true evil that is Bryce. Justin didn’t want to hide that. Justin just didn’t know how to speak up. He is used to abuse and being told he’s a shitty person. When you’re told something like that enough times you start to believe it yourself.

Tony says it best when he says you never know someone’s life. You don’t know what other people are going through, what challenges they face. Hannah included. No one knew what Hannah’s challenges were just like Hannah didn’t know Justin’s or Zach’s, or anyone’s for that matter. Life is full of misconceptions.

Clay is on a warpath now. He knows this can’t stand. Bryce should be in jail. I’m not quite sure why Clay thought he could get Bryce to confess. The thing about rapists is they don’t usually identify themselves as rapists. And Bryce has enough money that he probably won’t even serve time for it.

As for the rest of the group, WTF Courtney. You want to hide a rapist because you don’t want to be outed? Aside from Tyler being a stalker, the rest really have nothing to worry about. Yes, Marcus was a dick, but he did leave. Alex was just trying to fit in and made stupid choices. Ryan really just wanted to publish something great and didn’t stop to think that it could hurt Hannah. Again, just a stupid choice. Sheri, well yes her mistake cost Jeff his life. She’s torn up about it. But, it was just that, a mistake. Zach was the same, he just made bad choices and acted without thinking. I can only hope they stick to telling the truth. The real truth.


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