SPOILER WARNING: If you haven’t watched 13 Reasons Why season 1 episode 13, and you don’t want spoilers, then this is your warning to click out of this entry.


There is a trigger warning for this episode for graphic suicide. This entry talks about suicide and rape.

Mr. Porter, you asshole. So because Hannah said oh no, not like that, you do nothing. Because Hannah was scared about revealing her rapist you told her to move on. Let me just repeat that. The school’s counselor told a rape victim to just move on. The sad thing is this is how things actually work. What’s worse is that now that the tapes are finally out, Brock Turner, I mean Bryce Walker, probably won’t even be prosecuted. Or if he does he’ll serve one of those rich white guy sentences because god forbid they let something like rape get in the way of his future. Although, Jessica told her dad. Being that he’s ex military something might actually get done.

Hannah’s suicide was hard to watch. I know what it’s like to press a razor blade to your wrist. To hesitate for a second and decide if you really want to do it. My hesitation saved my life, but Hannah’s didn’t save hers. I stopped, slid to the floor of the shower, and just cried. I wasn’t quite as empty as Hannah. Watching her mom and dad’s reactions was also hard. This whole scene just hit so close to home in so many ways that it was just super hard to watch. I almost paused it, but I made it through. Mainly because I felt if I stopped I might not turn it back on.

I think Hannah wanted Clay to have the tapes almost last because he’d know what to do with them. She knew that he’d try and make things right and if he had them first, no one else would have heard them. No one else would have believed any of it.  Tony convinced himself it was what Hannah wanted so it was ok. Not like Clay who wanted to scream to the world what happened. Maybe that’s his mother’s side of him, being a lawyer and all.

Tyler, ok so why in the hell does Tyler have all those guns? Is he gearing up for a school shooting or something? That would be my guess.

I’m worried about Justin. Where will he go? Will he be ok? I hope we will be able to follow his story.

By the end of the episode it’s confirmed that Alex was the person in the ambulance. He shot himself in the head. I’m guessing he just couldn’t take the stress anymore. Maybe he was worried about his dad finding things out.

They set things up for season 2. We’ll just have to wait and see if that happens.


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