13 Reasons Why: Tape 6 Side A

SPOILER ALERT: If you have not watched episode 11 of 13 Reasons Why, and don’t like having things spoiled for you, then this is your courtesy reminder to back out of this entry.



It seems like so much of the show has been building to this moment. Clay’s tape. What could Clay have possibly done that could have been so horrible to Hannah. As I suspected, nothing. There was absolutely nothing Clay could have done that would have been right at that moment. No matter much he thinks he could have tried harder, all it would have done was upset Hannah more.

Hannah tells Clay to stop and he does. She tells him to go away, and he does. He tries to stay, but she yells at him, so he goes. Clay did everything right. Yet, it felt wrong. From an outsider looking in it may seem like Hannah was just being horrible, but a person doesn’t know what will trigger them. And until this moment I don’t think Hannah had experienced a true trigger. Triggers are hard, especially ones involving sexual abuse. A gentle touch from a partner who loves you and has never hurt you can feel like a thousand razors on your skin. It doesn’t mean that you love them less. It doesn’t mean that they love you less.

Watching the scene with Hannah’s triggers was hard for me. It was an amazingly accurate representation of how triggers feel. A flood of emotions and flashbacks. Hannah’s reaction isn’t uncommon. So many times I’ve felt like I wanted a person to stay, yet I yelled at them to leave because I wanted to be alone. But, I also wanted them to stay, to hold me, to just watch me cry and dry my tears, to just … GO AWAY! Triggers are emotional. It’s hard because you’re caught between the past and the present. Your memories are stuck on repeat. You want it to stop, but it doesn’t. You don’t know how to make it stop. You want comfort, in the present. But, your mind wants to scream all the things you never got a chance to scream. To tell your memories to fuck off. To tell the person who hurt you how you really feel. Things you wished you had said then, but were too scared to. Clay will never understand that.

Jessica will understand. Justin will probably understand. I truly hope Jessica decides to speak up. I don’t know if she will. Maybe Alex can help her. Maybe she will let Justin help her. Maybe she’ll finally let Clay help her. Because right now, Jessica is more important than Hannah’s tapes. Right now Jessica is more important then worrying whether or not you hurt someone who isn’t there anymore. Right now Jessica is alive. I hope she stays that way.


13 Reasons Why: Tape 5 Side B

SPOILER WARNING This is your friendly neighborhood spoiler warning. If you haven’t seen 13 Reasons Why episode 10, and you don’t like having things spoiled for you, then I highly suggest you don’t read this entry. For the rest of you, please put your tray tables up and move your seat back to the upright position as we prepare for take off. Enjoy your flight!


STOP! Or don’t because maybe the sign is missing. Jeff didn’t see the stop sign because it wasn’t there. Sheri’s secret may not feel like a huge secret to many. She made a mistake and in turn her mistake cost someone their life. But this episode is literally a metaphor for the entire story. Everyone looks for signs after Hannah’s death. No one bothered to stop and see the signs before it was too late. Looking back you see them. Laying there on the ground like Sheri’s stop sign. Just waiting to be picked up so something this tragic doesn’t happen again. The signs were there, but people didn’t see them because they weren’t staring them in the face in big white letters on a bright red background.

That’s the thing about signs. You don’t always see them. Sometimes you don’t even see them when they are right out in the open. That’s because not all signs are the same. I often get asked how I ended up in a 2nd abusive relationship. Didn’t I see the warning signs? The big red flags that should have tipped me off that A2 was abusive? The answer is simply, no. No I didn’t see the signs because the signs weren’t the same. Signs come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. Some are big and bright, and others you could look at every day and not even notice.

This ties in with the meeting the school did on depression awareness and suicide prevention. The school gave a list of signs and things to watch for. That list is bull shit. Not because it’s false, but because it’s incomplete. Not all signs are big and red. Some signs are laying on the ground hoping someone sees them before they cause an accident.

Hannah wanted to call someone about the sign. Just likes she wants to scream to the world that she’s hurting. But she couldn’t. Her phone was dead and Sheri drove off.

Hannah’s sign is down and she has no one around to help her pick it back up.

13 Reasons Why: Tape 5 Side A

SPOILER WARNING If you haven’t watched episode 9 of 13 Reasons Why, and you don’t want spoilers, then this is your warning.


I’m also adding a trigger warning to this entry, just in case you haven’t watched the episode and you’re still reading. This episode is about rape.

I knew Bryce was skeevy. Honestly, I was beginning to wonder if Jessica was the victim. What I didn’t expect was for Bryce to rape Jessica. It certainly explains why Justin is so messed up about the whole situation. It also explains why Jessica is spiraling. She knew it happened. She was only going along with Justin’s story because that’s what she wanted to be true. She wanted to forget. She was drunk that night so it was easy to convince herself that what she thought happened didn’t really happen. It was easy to convince herself that Justin was telling the truth that they just got drunk together and had sex. That’s what victims do. We try to convince ourselves something else happened. We call it different words like a drunken mistake or almost rape. We do everything in our power to convince ourselves that what happened isn’t real because if it’s real then we have to deal with it and sometimes it’s just easier to forget.

Jessica isn’t drinking because of Hannah’s tapes. Well, I mean, she is, but not because she’s worried about someone blaming her for Hannah’s death. She’s drinking because she’s had her own trauma and she doesn’t know how else to deal with it. She’s doing everything she can to drown the pain. She’s probably also really angry with Hannah. Hannah didn’t say a word. She was scared and she felt horribly guilty for not helping Jessica. Maybe she thought Jessica knew. She did see her struggle, so it’s possible she thought Jess knew what happened.

Either way, Hannah feels guilty. She could have helped her but she froze. She was scared and she was drunk so she froze. On the tape Hannah apologizes. The sad part is that it won’t help. Apologizing doesn’t unbreak something. It doesn’t magically heal wounds and make Bryce not rape Jessica. Apologies are both necessary and yet so unhelpful at times. Funny things apologies are.


13 Reasons Why: Tape 4 Side B

SPOILER WARNING! If you haven’t watched episode 8 of 13 Reasons Why, and your are anti-spoiler, then this is your warning to stop reading this entry.



Tony isn’t horrible, he’s just upset. I can’t imagine seeing my friend in a body bag and just tossed into an ambulance like it’s no big deal. I’m gonna be honest, for a minute there I thought Tony’s whole plan was to make Clay fall. I’m glad we found out what’s really troubling Tony though. We also find out how obliviously Clay is to his surroundings. Seriously, not knowing Tony is gay? No wonder Clay never picked up on any of Hannah’s signs.

The main theme of this tape was Hannah’s poem. She bares her soul and it ends up published for the whole school to read. Granted, it gets published anonymously, but that doesn’t make her less paranoid when she hears people chuckling at it. The thing about the poem being published isn’t just that it got published. Ryan had given Hannah a peace offering. He truly understood her poetry and where she was coming from. Ryan had the opportunity to be an amazing friend and instead he published Hannah’s poem without her permission. Actually, against her wishes as she had asked him not to. Whether or not he really did feel like he was helping her or doing her a favor, he betrayed her trust. That seems to be a running theme in Hannah’s life. She can’t seem to find one person who she can explicitly trust, and that is super important not only when you’re a teenager but in life.

I know what you’re thinking, she can trust Clay. But, can she? He says he wouldn’t want to be friends with the person who wrote the poem. He didn’t realize that he’s already friends with her. Clay has a habit of not really thinking before he speaks. It’s just another example of how oblivious Clay is to the world around him. In Clay’s defense, you can’t really fault him for not knowing. Hannah could have told him, but she was already feeling vulnerable. I’m sure Clay would have apologized and he might have even asked if she was ok. But when life is already piling shit on you explaining yourself to people gets old. By now we can see just how tired Hannah is.

In the present we see Jessica and Justin are having relationship issues. Hannah is really weighing on Justin. I also think Jess is really starting to think that whatever Hannah said was actually the truth. Alex admitting that everything Hannah said about him was true really made her stop and think. I feel bad for Jess. I think she’s had it rough too. And now, after losing Hannah, she’s drinking and getting high all the time. She’s not coping very well at all. She needs help, to talk to someone. But Justin has her so afraid of the tapes coming out that she’s afraid to seek the help she needs. She’s spiraling fast. To be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if she tried to join Hannah.

So what’s next, where do we go from here. Clay is finally ready to finish the tapes. He had a good heart to heart with Tony. I have a feeling Clay is about to hear a whole new world of horrible. I only hope that he can handle it because I have a feeling it’s gonna be a rough ride.

And now, on to episode 9. It’s already queued up on Netflix. I see there’s a trigger warning. *deep breath* Ok, let’s do this.

13 Reasons Why: Tape 4 Side A

SPOILER WARNING This is your friendly warning that if you haven’t watched 13 Reasons Why episode 7, and you don’t want to read any spoilers, then this is not the post you are looking for.



Fast forward to the end! As I saw Tony standing there with everyone else I can’t help but wonder if I was right to be skeptical! Maybe this was his plan all along to get Clay to give him the tapes!

Ok, now on to Zach. I think Hannah is right about Zach. I think he understands her and I think he’s lonely and possibly even depressed as well. I think that’s why he liked her. The problem with Zach is, as Kat said, he isn’t that bright. What I don’t think Hannah got right was him being mad about being rejected. It seems like Zach was more upset that he upset Hannah and didn’t know why or how to fix it. I also think Zach was just scared and not sure what to do. On one hand, he knew what was written on the napkin was Hannah’s. She made sure of that by quoting her note to Zach on it. The lesson here is that Zach should have spoken up. Maybe not in front of the whole class, but at the very least after class to the teacher. The trouble with high school, and even outside of high school, is that you never know how someone is going to react in a situation like that. However, when you get to a certain point in life you realize that sometimes you have to risk someone being angry with you if it means you helping them in the long run.

Pull up a carpet square kids, it’s about to get personal in here. If you remember, I have a 16 year old daughter. She has a friend that she’s known since Kindergarten. When they were still in middle school my daughter spent the night at her house. The next day my daughter told me her friend was cutting again. See, somehow I managed to raise a kid who is wise beyond her years. She knew damn well her friend would be pissed off at her for telling me. She knew her friend showed her the marks in confidence and that confidence was being broken the minute she decided to speak up. She also knew I was going to say something to her friend’s mom. But see kids, her friend was in danger and that friend means a lot to her. In my daughter’s mind it was better to have her friend get upset and risk actually losing that friend if it meant getting her the help she needed, because when you truly care about someone it means that you put them first. The good news is this story has a happy ending. Her friend did get the help she needed and they are still friends. Yes, her friend was mad for a while. She got over it and realized my daughter was just being a good friend. Sometimes in life you have to stop being selfish and just do the right thing.

Ok, back to Zach’s tape. Zach’s reason for being on the tapes isn’t bad. Not all reasons are bad. The point of Zach’s tape is to show that what he did effected Hannah. What happened in the cafeteria most likely wouldn’t have caused as much damage to someone else. The problem is, Hannah has a lot on her plate. People who suffer from depression tend to be more irritable and can be more emotional. With all the issues Hannah had with the other basketball players it’s easy to understand why she was so reserved talking to Zach. She most likely didn’t feel like he was coming from a genuine place, even though from our perspective it does.

I think this was a good way to show how different things can influence different reactions in people. I don’t think Zach was wrong. I just think he was misguided.

13 Reasons Why: Tape 3 Side B

SPOILER WARNING If you haven’t watched 13 Reasons Why episode 6, and you don’t want to be spoiled, then this is your courtesy reminder to click out of this entry.


Tape 3 Side B, in which Marcus is an asshole. Dear teenage boys, or frankly any boys for that matter, don’t let your hormones cloud your judgement. Same goes for girls. Seriously, just stop. It’s really not that hard to respect personal space and boundaries.

On to Sheri. I know something was up with that girl the moment I saw her. She acts all sweet and perfect, but she’s on the tapes too. She even confesses that she did something awful. Was she genuine about her motives with Clay? I don’t think she was. I think Clay had it right and she just didn’t want him to say anything about the tapes. She says to Clay not to ruin anyone’s life and in turn Clay said it was too late. He’s not wrong. The think about suicide is that it’s permanent. There’s no coming back. Hannah’s life was ultimately and completely ruined by what’s on those tapes. To some it may seem like she overreacted. But, when you’re already having problems, when you already suffer from depression or any other mental illness, the things that may seem insignificant to everyone else seem huge to you. That’s why it’s so important in life to watch your step and be courteous of how you treat others. You never know what they are going through in life.

The next thing I want to cover is Clay’s mom. I love Clay’s mom, I really do. She loves Clay and she knows he’s a good kid. She wants to be involved and she wants Clay to talk to her. She’s trying so hard to make sure she does the right thing. But the thing no one ever tells you about parenting is that there isn’t just one right thing. Like I said in my last post, kids are still human beings and they’re all different. Think back to when Hannah and Courtney were in Courtney’s garage. Courtney’s dad leaves and Hannah says it’s nice how involved Courtney’s dad’s are. Hannah then says that she wishes her parents were the type that she could talk too. The thing is, from what we know about Hannah’s parents, the would have no problems with her opening up to them. We know that one of the reasons they moved is because of the girl’s at Hannah’s other school. It’s quite possible Hannah has a history of being bullied. I have to wonder if Hannah say them moving as her parents running away from the problem rather than solving it. Maybe that’s why she felt she couldn’t tell them what was going on. Just like some parents have issues listening, some kids just have trouble talking. Sometimes as parents we have to be like Clay’s mom. Sometimes we have to demand answers. Yes, it may irritate our kids. It may make them upset with us for a while. Parenting isn’t all rainbows and sunshine. We have to put in the hard work too.

In this episode I can really start to see Hannah breaking down. She’s getting close to her breaking point. She’s tired and worn. She’s starting to blame herself. Depression, it’s a liar and a thief.

13 Reasons Why: Tape 3 Side A

SPOILERS WARNING!! If you haven’t watched 13 Reason’s Why Episode 5, and don’t want spoilers, this is your warning.




First, I want to touch on something from a past episode. Something that really bothered me was the school’s attempt at pretending they care. The lame ass signs of depression are just that, lame. Depression is different everyone. They are giving people signs as though they are written in stone, and they aren’t. There are a TON of what I call high functioning people with depression. I’m one of them. If I didn’t tell you I battle depression you probably wouldn’t know. I’m not withdrawn, I eat, and I do most of the things I a “normal” adult should do. My kid is the same way. She does her homework, gets good grades, eats, has friends, and for fucks sake she’s in band and loves it. She still suffers from anxiety and depression. I know this because I have an open relationship with my kid. She knows she can come to me with anything and that mom is always a 100% judgement free zone. Does she come to me with everything? No, of course not. She’s a human being and human beings, especially teenage ones, need their secrets. I think that the most important part of being a parent is remembering that your child is also a person. I know that sounds like an obvious, but I don’t just mean a person in the biological sense. I mean their own person, an individual, a human being, a mini adult! Wait, what? Mini adult? Yep, teenagers are mini adults. They are learning how to be adults and how the world works. They are going to be assholes because they don’t realize the consequences. They are going to keep important things a secret because they don’t know they are important. Yet, at the same time, they share our feelings, our sense of accomplishments, our pain, our love, and even our intelligence. It’s important to treat them as though you would treat another adult. That doesn’t mean you don’t also treat them like your child. You still need to set boundaries and put rules in place, but don’t you set boundaries with other adults as well? They just happen to be a different set of boundaries because you’re not teaching other adults how to be adults.

Courtney. Courtney is a great example of a teenager being an asshole because she doesn’t realize the consequences of her actions. She just wanted the target off her back so she put it on Hannah’s. She wasn’t trying to be awful, just save her own skin. It doesn’t mean she was right. She’ll absolutely have to live with the consequences of her actions. What truly bothers me about Courtney though is that she’s so worried about being outed that she’s willing to hide all the awful stuff the others did just to save her own skin. I can understand why Justin & Co wouldn’t want the tapes to get out. Aside from Alex, who is really just so upset by everything I think he’s just going along for the ride, they actually have something to hide. Well, except for Jessica, but Justin seems to have her convinced that whatever happened never happened and that Hannah is lying.

I just had a thought. Is Alex truly that innocent? We haven’t heard all the tapes yet. We know Justin will make another appearance because Hannah tells us. Will Alex? Was Alex involved in whatever happened at Jessica’s party? It leads me to wonder how many people were actually involved. I can’t think anyone but Hannah and her attacker (I’m assuming the party is Hannah’s breaking point and I’m assuming she gets raped) would actually be involved. I have 2 theories about who attacks Hannah. My first thought is Bryce. Everyone is super paranoid that Bryce is gonna get the tapes. He’s obviously on the list to get them. So I think either Bryce is the attacker or Bryce helped Justin cover things up. Either way, things are getting crazy.

Tony is starting to grow on me a bit more though. I still can’t completely figure him out though. But, he does seem like he is genuinely trying to help Clay.

13 Reasons Why: Tape 2 Side B

SPOILER WARNING!! If you haven’t watched episode 4 of 13 Reasons Why, and you don’t want any spoilers, then stop reading! Consider yourself warned.


First off, I must confess. I’ve been binge watching. So, while you’re reading one post a day, I’ve been watching 2 episodes a day minimum. I’m blogging after each episode and scheduling the posts to go live in order each day. I actually had to cut myself off tonight because it’s late and 6 am comes early. Anyway, let’s get to it.

Ok, so maybe Tony isn’t horrible. He still seems a bit shady to me, but I think he’s really just watching out for Clay. I think he realized how much Clay meant to Hannah. Or maybe he truly was Hannah’s friend and knows how much all of this means to her, how much Clay means to her. What I can’t quite understand is how Hannah keeps fishing for friendship when it’s standing right next to her at the movie theater. Clay seems like a good guy. Yes, he definitely likes Hannah, but he also seems like the kind of guy that is totally ok with just being friends if that’s all she wanted.  Then again Clay is also ready to jump when he’s invited to Bryce’s house. I think that has a lot to do with Clay wanting answers without listening to the tapes. I still can’t quite tell if Clay is afraid of what’s on the tapes or just has a hard time hearing Hannah’s voice. Probably a mixture of the two.

Tyler is the subject of the tapes in this episode. Tyler, the creepy stalker who likes to take pictures. Tyler’s pictures ruin the short lived friendship between Hannah and Courtney. Courtney, the girl who apparently doesn’t want to be outed. Tyler is the first instance of crossing the line from bullying to flat out illegal. I’m sure in his head he never meant to hurt Hannah, but that doesn’t make it any better. I’m still on the fence about Clay’s new justice for Tyler though. My first instinct is to say fuck that kid, he got a big dose of his own medicine. But, ruining someone else’s life isn’t quite the best option.

On to Bryce. Is he the true asshole? He seems like the Brock Turner type. The rich football captain who can get away with whatever he wants. When we first saw that Justin was hiding out at Bryce’s we heard Bryce tell him he can stay as long as he needed, but to keep Bryce out of whatever was going down. Justin & Co are only befriending Clay to keep Bruce from getting the tapes. I’m guessing that means there is a tape about Bryce. It also seems like the tapes are somewhat going in order. We know that Justin, Jessica, Alex, Marcus, Zach, and Tyler have all listened to the tapes. That leads me to believe that Clay’s tape is one of the last tapes. It also leads me to believe that so is Bryce’s. Bryce very well might have been the straw that broke the camel’s back with Hannah.

On a more somber note, this is officially the first episode that made me cry. Watching Hannah’s dad break down did me in. Not just because I can see him crying and see him finally break, but because it fed into my own fears. My 16 year old daughter battles anxiety and depression. There have been times that I’ve broken down just thinking that the thought might cross her mind. When she confessed to me that it had, I lost my shit. Not to her, but I lost it. People think you just can’t imagine your life without your kids. While that is certainly true, it’s also more than that. I can’t imagine either of my children not feeling the butterflies in their stomach when they have their first kiss. Getting to experience the awkward blushing and nervous laughter when you realize the person you like more than friends likes you that way too. I want them both to experience the sense of victory you get when you graduate high school and get to say goodbye after 4 years of the weirdest and possibly hardest part of your life. The pride and accomplishment of finishing college. I want my kids to live not just because I would miss them if they were gone, but because I want them to experience life. There are many things in this world that seem like they are going to shit. We’re on the brink of what very well may be another world war. But, there is also so much good. Look how far we’ve come with basic human rights. Yes, we still have  long way to go, but we’ve made giant steps in the right direction. My teenager also loves science. Maybe she’ll be a scientist. She hasn’t decided yet. She just knows she wants to do something in the medical field. She’s thought about something involving patient care. I know that she’ll get the same joy out of working with patients as I do. Thinking that she may end her life and never get to experience the emotion of hugging a patient who just lost their spouse, knowing how much they appreciate you grieving with them, that is what makes me cry. I could see the sorrow in Hannah’s dad. I could feel his anger. Anger at knowing his daughter would never experience the joys of life, that all she felt was pain.

This episode was hard and I know it only gets harder.

13 Reasons Why: Tape 2 Side A

SPOILERS! If you haven’t watched 13 Reasons Why episode 3, and you don’t want spoilers, this is your warning.




I’d like to know why all of these high school kids have tattoos. Seriously, what’s up with that. And, no, they aren’t all real. They were added in on the characters that have them and covered up on the actors who have them in real life.

Anyway, Tony still confuses me. I don’t think Alex is way off base when he says Tony is in it for Tony. I think Alex genuinely feels bad about his tape. I really don’t think he ever meant to hurt Hannah and I don’t think he realized his addition to the list was anything more than a way to piss off Jessica. The problem with high school is that teenagers attend. Teenagers think with their emotions and not always with their brains. It can cause a shit ton of unintentional chaos. It’s easy to tell someone not to be a dick, but not everyone realizes they’re being dicks. Not to mention, when you are that young and the world seems to revolve around you, someone could tell you straight up that what you did was a dick move and you still wouldn’t get it.  I really don’t think Alex realized how badly he hurt Hannah until he heard the tapes. It’s why I wonder if Alex really feels like Tony is only out for Tony or if that’s just an idea that Justin & Co planted in his head.

And since we’re on the subject of Tony, what’s the deal with Fight Club at the end there? It just makes me feel like I was right to not trust Tony. I really feel like something is up with that guy.

We also learn more about Justin’s back story. I know he’s supposed to be an antagonist, but I honestly can’t help but feel bad for him. His home life is not ideal. No question that he’s been abused, most likely from one of the guys his mom has dated. It can’t help that his best friend comes from the exact opposite family dynamic, rich and seemingly well put together. That’s gotta be rough. Granted, it absolutely doesn’t excuse his behavior, but it does give us major insight into what makes Justin tick.

Meanwhile, Clay is taking forever to listen to his tapes. We learn that Alex listened to them the first time in one night. Yes, the first time. Alex listened twice. Based on the way Alex seems to be handling things I think it really hit him hard finding out he played a part in hurting Hannah so much. I still don’t understand why Alex and Jessica didn’t just tell Hannah they were dating.

Speaking of dating, I’m shipping Hannah/Clay pretty hard. I mean, I know it doesn’t happen, but you can tell how much Clay likes Hannah. The poor kid is so socially awkward though he’s worried about saying the wrong thing. Hannah seems to be digging him too, but she doesn’t say anything either. I seriously hope the she doesn’t blame Clay for not asking her out. She easily could have made the first move herself.  She certainly had no problem letting Justin know she liked him.

All in all this episode just gave me more questions. Hopefully I get some answers soon.

13 Reasons Why: Tape 1 Side B

SPOILER WARNING. If you haven’t watch 13 Reasons Why Episode 2, and don’t want spoilers, this is your final warning to turn back.


Clay, oh Clay. He wants all the answers without listening to the tapes. While I can understand why, I mean hearing Hannah’s voice has to be hard, I would think he would want the story straight from Hannah’s mouth. Clay looks everywhere for Justin and Jessica, and even finds Jessica. When Clay finds Jessica in the coffee shop something happens. She tells him things he hears on the tapes aren’t all true. At first I thought it must be something that Jessica just doesn’t want known. Then Jessica says something that caused me to really stop and think. She claims that Hannah was actually the one who stopped coming to the coffee shop first. There’s only two explanations for this. Either Hannah was lying or Jessica is lying, but why.

If Hannah is lying then it’s possible she’s remembering wrong. But that’s something pretty big to remember incorrectly. It’s also possible that she’s lying just to get back at Jessica and Alex. The only account we really have to go by about Hannah is Hannah herself. No one else actually talks about her much and what kind of person she was. We just have to assume that she’s a good person because this is her story.

If Jessica is lying then it’s most likely to make Clay question who Hannah really was and possibly question things Jessica knows Hannah says later on the tapes. Most likely whatever it is that Justin has done.

So what has Justin done? By the end of the episode it’s apparent that he’s been accused of something. Jessica asks him why he’s hiding out if he’s not guilty. Justin knows that Clay has the tapes now. Seeing as how he left school and hasn’t been back, he’s most likely worried Clay will turn the tapes in when he’s done with them. If I had to guess, being how shaken everyone is and how worried Jessica is, I’d say Justin rapes Hannah. We know from tape one that we haven’t heard the last about Justin on the tapes.

It’s also becoming more apparent that Clay actually cared about Hannah. When Tony finds him in the coffee shop he tells Clay that he’s taking longer to get through the tapes than the others. Clay says it’s hard hearing her voice. He says he can’t not see her when he hears it. It seems as though the others simply zipped through them to see what was said about them.

Then there is Tony. Something feels off about him and I’m not sure what.